Hydrogen Gas

Product Details

Accuracy 99.99% By Volume
Repeatability 100%
Application Industrial
Molecular Weight 2.016 g/mol
Atomic Mass 1.00794 u
Purity 99.999 %
Symbol H2


Hydrogen Gas is used in water production, fossil fuel processing, ammonia production, etc. We, hailing from Uttar Pradesh (India), have pioneered the supplying of Hydrogen Gas. Our Hydrogen Gas is 100% pure and non-toxic. This Hydrogen Gas is provided in top quality cylinders at the most reasonable price. When it comes to delivery, we assure medium as well as bulk are delivered within the promised time period.

Details :

  • It is primarily used to create water. Hydrogen gas can be used for metallic ore reduction. Chemical industries also use it for hydrochloric acid production. The same hydrogen gas is required for atomic hydrogen welding (AHW).
  • Electrical generators use the gas as a rotor coolant. The element is relied upon in many manufacturing plants to check for leaks. Hydrogen can be used on its own or with other elements.
  • Other applications include fossil fuel processing and ammonia production. Ammonia is part of many household cleaning products. It is also a hydrogenating agent used to change unhealthy unsaturated fats to saturated oils and fats.
  • Hydrogen is also used for methanol production. Tritium is generated in nuclear reactions. It is a radioactive isotope used to make H-bombs. It can also be used as a luminous paint radiation source. Tritium is used in biosciences as an isotopic label.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

  • The element is often used as fuel because of its high calorific value. Combustion generates plenty of energy. Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity from oxygen and hydrogen. These electrochemical cells generate only water vapor so it is considered as environment friendly.
  • Fuel cells are used in spacecrafts, remote weather stations and submarines. When in liquid form, it is used as rocket fuel. Deuterium is heavy hydrogen. This isotope is used for nuclear fusion reaction in nuclear reactors.


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